DLO Character Profiles

A list of the reoccurring characters in Desolate Lands Online. Whenever I introduce a new reoccurring character in the main story, I’ll post their profile here.


A boy in his late teens who just recently started the game. While he acts like a narcissistic, idiotic, ass, Psycho has a good heart deep down. He’s also highly intelligent and knows quite a bit about DLO. His excessive determination to win the game is what drives him the most. Even though he will use as much as he can to get to the top, he isn’t keen on creating groups or joining guilds. That doesn’t stop his ability to befriend or even flirt with other players he encounters. And he isn’t afraid to use his female avatar to his advantage…


King Abaddon’s daughter and the princess of The Desolate Lands. Even though she’s merely an NPC, she has a kind and noble spirit. She is also a skilled fighter who has little patience for foolishness. While her main role in the game is to act as a figure to look up to, she also acts as a watchdog, making sure nothing goes wrong with the game from the inside. Sheol is usually followed by her personal guard, General Aegis. Story wise, his main duty is to protect the princess from the fate that befell her father. Meaning he will slay monsters and even players that dare to oppose the Princess.


A good-natured guy who was quick to befriend Psycho the Desolate Undergound. While Thunder is seemingly too innocent for his own good he is also a skilled fighter. Using his long sword in combat, Thunder is swift and skillful. He also has a liking to electrical abilities and often imbues his sword with shocking currents. His guide, Alyssa, is a kind hearted angel who listens to and respects her player. Alyssa’s compliance to her player and Thunder’s general niceness somehow annoys Psycho though, but there’s rarely any malice between the players. Rarely…


12 thoughts on “DLO Character Profiles

  1. Great job, man. Looks fantastic. I presume you’ll be playing a thief or assassin class? What’s the dragon sidekick like?


  2. […] an excuse! I had to draw a new character! Yeah! Totally a good excuse… Just… Check the character profiles… Hopefully I can get a better schedule of posting shit. Sometime! Just enjoy what I’ve […]


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